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Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture


U&L WEEK 2023


Catalysing Systemic Change in the face of unrelenting crises

Global crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss, gentrification, and several natural and human-made disasters have been significantly impacting regions worldwide, leading to social, ecological, and economic vulnerabilities. These challenges have been causing transformations in natural ecosystems and built environments, resulting in the emergence of ruined/decaying landscapes. Marginalized/overlooked regions in particular, often display remarkable resilience in times of distress, through advocacy for social and environmental justice. Yet, there is a need for a stronger voice and awareness of the ways the crises are being addressed, from the most essential levels of society. The 2023 U&L week aims to explore how crises caused due to anthropogenic activities are being resolved through the lens of local actors.

The brief with the schedules, speakers and workshops will be released soon. Register your interest by looking out for the announcement on the newsletter.

Reach us here if you want to volunteer with us for the event management.

November 6 - 9


The week sees a series of curated lectures, seminars, workshops and debates which revolve around a particular theme in an attempt to understand routes, practices and issues of contemporary urbanism while trying to find its future possibilities. The goal of the UL Week is to bring together people interested in future development of urban landscapes and the built environment together and provide a platform for discussion from creative and technical practices. Each year the UL Week formulated a theme based on current or controversial discussions about the built environment by consulting different professional and students. This theme is the guiding factor around which all the events are positioned.

U&L Week 2023

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