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Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

Urbanism & Landscape Week



Over the history, urbanists observed physical public spaces as spaces that are able to accommodate accidental meetings, reveal places’ identity, provide impulsive on-the-spot choices and also allow human-nature interaction through wind or sunshine. However, the recent crisis unfolded the intertwining between physical public space and virtual space. We see the emergence of a radical combination of both spaces.
With the internet, we can have real-time interaction with friends around the world through the window of a computer screen. As urbanists, we propose to look at a broader perspective and use spatial planning to enhance the field of urbanism. ULweek 2020 explores the following :
1. How to understand the intertwinement of virtual and physical public space?
2. How to shift our new understanding to the practice of our professions as urban designers and landscape architects.

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