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Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

// About POLIS


It is an open platform for communication between students, academics and professionals involved and interested in the study of the urban, rural and infrastructural environment and landscapes.

Since 1989, POLIS aspires to bridge academics with real life practice and aims at examining contemporary urban issues and trends to create space for creative dialogue. It is seeking possible answers through knowledge sharing among an ensemble of interdisciplinary participants by organising events like Urbanism and Landscape Week, Big trip and releasing a quarterly magazine Atlantis along with other activities. POLIS wants to establish this ‘give and take’ by facilitating interactions that help students in academic growth and helps professionals opportunities to interact with fresh ideas from the in a university environment.

// Board of 2023

Anmol Bhargava


Born and brought up in the Himalayas, Anmol completed his Bachelors in Architecture from India and thereafter worked in Stuttgart, Germany for a couple of years, before moving to Delft. He is an avid reader and loves cooking with friends, when he’s at home. But mostly you’ll find him either multitasking at BK or somewhere on his bike, clicking pictures of the countryside.

Claudia Engel


Claudia enjoys designing public spaces through the analytical and problem solving lens, varying from social challenges to challenges in ecological systems. From cities to villages and the countryside; Designing there where people meet and experience town or nature. In her free time you can find Claudia dancing, playing korfball, enjoying time with friends, or learning about psychology and mind related topics.

Nathan Smithers


Born and raised in the Netherlands, he completed the bachelor of civil engineering from Saxion and bachelor of architecture from TU Delft. Beyond studying urbanism he is a fanatic powerlifter, with multiple competitions on his agenda. Furthermore he likes to travel, cycle, go for walks, and continue to fuel his everlasting coffee addiction.

Johanna Zehntner

Public Relations

Quite a country kid, she has been on the lookout for chaotic and buzzing places since her 'escape' from the quiet foothills of the Alps in southern Germany. Apart from immersing herself in any kind of street market, she keeps to her grandmothers’ hobbies of sewing, knitting and cooking as an offset.

Greta Samulionyte


Born in Lithuania, she has since made Denmark her home, and her passion lies in exploring the intricacies of small-scale urban environments. When she yearns for a break from the city, she finds solace either on the basketball court or amidst the exhibits of Rotterdam's Fotomuseum.

Vera Vince


With a background in sociology, art history and architecture, Vera’s interests lie in inter- and cross-disciplinary topics related to city life and urban planning. Along with her work as a designer, she spent a few years actively participating in the local politics of her hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. When she’s not stressing about work or climate change, she enjoys spending her time exploring nature or relaxing with her cat. Latter more than the former.

Kirthan Shekar


Hailing from Deccan India, he likes exploring the vibrance of cities and the serenity of nature. In his pastime, you can find Kirthan either cooking or walking the city visiting museums to feed his curiosity. And boy! He is geeky.

Harini Sivakumar


Raised in a small city surrounded by mountains, in the South of India, she finds immense comfort in being around nature. Fuelled by her keen interest in taking long strolls, observing people and trying new cuisines, she is always curious about exploring spaces and places. In the meantime, you can find Harini doing DIY stuff, growing plants and petting animals.

Divya Agarwal


Dissecting the complexity of the bustling peninsula of Mumbai, she grew up in the inner city area observing the tectonics and diversity of city life. She believes every city is unique and belongs equally to non-human species. She is a self-proclaimed flaneur!

// Board of Advisors

POLIS is supported by the Board of Advisors that constitutes of working professionals in the domain and faculty members from TU Delft. The BOA members meet once every two months with the Board of POLIS for progressive updates and advice.

Victor Munõz Sanz

Assistant Professor, TU Delft A+BE

Víctor Muñoz Sanz is Assistant Professor of Urban Design at TU Delft. His work examines the design and socio-spatial implications of the past, present, and future of work. Previously, he was: fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude; coordinator of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre and co principal researcher of Automated Landscapes at Nieuwe Instituut; and emerging curator at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. He coedited the books Automated Landscapes (Nieuwe Instituut, 2023), Roadside Picnics: Encounters with the Uncanny (dpr-Barcelona, 2022), and Habitat: Ecology Thinking in Architecture (nai010, 2020). Muñoz Sanz holds a degree and a PhD in Architecture from ETSAM, and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University.

Nico Tillie

Researcher, TU Delft A+BE

Nico Tillie holds a Ph.D. in Synergetic Urban Landscape Planning - liveable low carbon cities- from Delft University of Technology. He teaches landscape architecture and urban ecology. He has worked on urban ecosystem governance in Rotterdam and nature based solutions in climate adaptation planning. specialisations are : landscape architecture, garden design and planting schemes, urban planning, urban ecology, ecology, botany, urban energy transition, low carbon cities, climate adaptation, urban densification and greening, city data, urban metabolism.

Kevin van Der Linden

Senior advisor mobility, City of Rotterdam

Kevin is a senior mobility advisor at Gemeente Rotterdam. He strives for a pleasant and beautiful environment in which the quality forms the basis for new developments and leads to innovative and integrated solutions for the future. As a creative urban professional, Kevin works with a wide variety of organisations, thriving complex projects forward. His colleagues characterise him as critical and ambitious, with strong organisational skills, quick witted, communicative, very skillful, tactical and comfortable in a leadership/coordinating role while attentive to others.

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We are located on the first floor in the West wing of the TU Delft Architecture faculty. 

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TU Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde

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POLIS, podium voor stedenbouwkunde

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