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Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

// Urbanism & Landscape Week

The Urban and Landscape Week aims to promote collaborations between academics, students, and practicing professionals through a series of curated lectures, workshops, and panel discussions. The event serves as a platform for integrating interdisciplinary perspectives about specific themes that concern urbanists and landscape architects. In the past, we have had discussions centered around adapting to planetary change (Towards the Edge of Anthropocene), globalization and the effect of international exchanges on territories (Floworld), and adapting to environmental crises (Crises are Defining our Living Environment: to Adapt or to Preserve). We were fortunate enough to have speakers like Michael Batty (University College London), Kristina Hills (University of California, Berkley), and Carlo Ratti (MIT) among others speak at previous installments of the UL Week. 

// Polis Encounters

Polis encounters encompasses a series of curated field excursions and thought-provoking discursive events. The primary goal is to foster a profound appreciation for on-site experiences and facilitate in-depth discussions that forge connections with the diverse ecological, infrastructural, human networks and urban geographies. Recognizing the limitations of contemporary educational systems in nurturing the senses of vision and touch, they strive for counterbalance of the prevailing digital milieu and instill a deep-rooted connection with the tangible world.

Look out for the next encounter in the announcements on the home page.

// Big Trip

very year we organise an international trip where we visit a region and have fun collaborating with the local offices and municipalities to provide opportunities to learn about the urban problems on ground. Previous big trips included Morocco, Bucharest, Finland and many more fun places with diverse landscapes and urban conditions. Apart from the big trip we also organise local excursions in and around The Netherlands.

This year we are going to Sweden to explore urban ad landscape projects in Stockholm, Luleå and Kiruna. You can find the preliminary programme here. We have an exciting programme which is currently under finalisation. Click here for the selection process and the selected participants.​

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