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Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

Urbanism & Landscape Week



Political, economic, environmental, technological, social, and health crises are some of the hindrances we must deal with from time to time. These crises create obstacles in society, which shape it and ultimately make it more resilient. In 2021, where technology has improved dramatically in the design and development of our cities, there have not been enough scenarios of how the built environment will react to a potential health crisis. Nevertheless, we have seen cities change, transportation systems freeze, gathering places become empty, and electronic media gain ground, while many socio-spatial problems emerge. But the biggest question is whether this is how the crisis should have unfolded or whether the scenarios for dealing with it should already exist. The theme of 2021 ULWeek explores the following topics :
1. The complexity of crises and how they influence our living environment.
2. How the availability of big data guides interventions and addresses the conflicts of crises.
3. The different transitions that must be made through a crisis.

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